School Performance Solutions (SPS) forms strategic alliances with like-minded organizations to provide districts characterized by low performance and socio-economic disadvantage with resources to implement the Clinical Practice Model to transform operational performance and student achievement. SPS forms alliances that serve shared goals of corporations, foundations, and schools to improve educational performance health and to increase student achievement.

Assessment Strategies

SPS and LE will engage with their respective client districts and schools in a four-way assessment of the effectiveness of CPM use. Client districts and schools, the Network University Regional Centers, independent project evaluators, and SPS and LE each will design and conduct assessments of project success from their unique perspectives. During the 2013-2015 school years, LE will use results of implementation experiences and assessments to refine CPM training methods for personnel in university regional centers and in districts and schools.

Through its alliance with LeadershipEnergies, SPS will fulfill its mission by providing CPM to low socio-economic school districts at an affordable rate, by encouraging the formation of local partnerships between school districts and university regional centers, and by collecting data from the annual assessments of such districts so that the CPM can be improved as a tool effective for use by these districts. SPS will seek funding support from multiple public and private donors to support this mission.

The strategic alliance with SPS is ultimately beneficial to LeadershipEnergies, which has as its goal, the betterment of the CPM and the increase of its use among all school districts and schools.

Initially, LE principals, staff members, and consultants will provide CPM performance improvement services to local districts and schools and training to both district and school personnel and to university regional personnel directly onsite and online. After the first three years, these services will be provided to the university regional center personnel who will provide the training to those in local districts and schools.


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