School Performance Solutions (SPS) solicits, organizes, and provides resources for continuous improvement of student, school, and district performance, preparing all stakeholders to lead and support improvement practices. SPS strives for the achievement of twin goals of higher student achievement and better district and school performance utilizing strategies that:

1. Provide districts and schools with cutting edge knowledge, skills, practices, and products that enable teachers, schools, and districts to demonstrate success levels above expectations;

2. Lead efforts to bring to classrooms, schools, and districts insightful improvement practices;

3. Prepare teachers, school and district leaders, and other employees to carry out operational practices that impact every student positively;

4. Develop and implement strategies that build the capacities of districts, schools, and employees to optimize efforts that meet student needs;

5. Develop and share strategies to make a substantial difference in student achievement outcomes with teachers, administrators, and school boards;

6. Create strategic alliances among communities, corporations, colleges and universities, foundations, and districts and schools to optimize impact on school performance and student achievement; and

7. Discover and utilize funding sources that support increased performance in districts and schools unable to afford the cost of such efforts.

Corporate Philosophy

SPS believes that a marriage of research-based theory with successful classroom, school, and district leadership practices is required in all schools, but not consistently evident among those with a history of poor performance. This marriage of research and best practice has proved essential to SPS leaders in rescues of schools with complex dysfunctional practices and dismal performance.

SPS recommends examination of the interrelatedness of behaviors, expectations, and practices among many influential subsystems in and around schools and students. SPS facilitates collaboration among outstanding teachers, educational leaders, and corporate and foundation sponsors in order to bring previously unavailable educational advantages to students and communities.

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