About Us

School Performance Solutions, Inc. (SPS), is a non-profit, IRS designated 501 (c) (3) firm incorporated in 2005, and headquartered in Cherry Hill, NJ. SPS was established to address the most difficult challenges faced by urban and rural districts and schools in efforts to improve student achievement levels and contribute to community development.

SPS is an education company with international expertise specializing in comprehensive performance improvement of school systems, large or small schools, public or private; teacher and administrator performance; curriculum development; and teacher and administrator training. SPS coordinates human and financial resources to bring efficient and effective solutions to underperforming districts and schools.

The consultants and project leaders that SPS brings together have an unusual array of successful experiences. They have delivered service and support to a wide-variety of customers in the fields of business, pre-kindergarten through grade 12 education (public, charter, and private), higher education, and community and economic development.

They have served in leadership positions as principals, business managers, assistant superintendents, and superintendents in large, medium, and small school districts, with annual budgets over $1 billion. They have served on national and international committees focused on school desegregation, education and technology, educational reform, and business/community development.

They have worked in entrepreneurial enterprises where work was performed in project teams under extremely short and critical time frames mandated by state and federal government calendars.

Board of Trustees & Leadership

Board President: Phil Esbrandt, former high principal and superintendent of schools in NJ and PA
Vice President: Ron Pritchett, retired administrator in NJ school district
Secretary: Nicolas Poplawsky, retired business executive in Florida
Treasurer, Greg Kowalski, international business consultant in Virginia
Member, Edwin Esbrandt, teacher and department head in schools in Maryland
Member, Geoffrey Kowalski, CFO and Director of Marketing in California In NJ and PA

Project Leader, Bruce Hayes former superintendent, adjunct professor, and educator in CT and PA

Company Commitment

As a non-profit, SPS is very financially competitive, manages costs efficiently using existing human and material resources within budget agreements, carries a low overhead, and has a strict commitment to quality, on-time performance, and fair market-driven pricing.


To get started on the exciting and worthwhile journey of district and school performance improvement, contact:

Phil Esbrandt, Ed.D, Board of Trustees
School Performance Solutions
Cherry Hill, New Jersey 08034-0661
PO Box 4355
(O) 856-424-9368
(F) 856-751-8891

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